Thailand Coffee Fest 2021

 Get ready for the biggest coffee festival 
of Southeast Asia, a creative space
 for exchanging knowledge between everyone
 in the coffee industry. 
You are invited to sip to learn about coffee,
 search and fulfill your passion, 
share your knowledge and experiences, 
and create new things together.
 Come and help us drive the coffee industry
 for the future!


Thailand Coffee Fest, organized by Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand
and The Cloud (, has been a part of pushing Thai Coffee industry forward for 5 years.
In this 6th year, more than 100,000 people including farmers, processors,
roasters, baristas, and coffee lovers will be gathering at this event. 
This is the biggest coffee festival of Southeast Asia with more than 200 coffee shops
and 300 million baht circulating in 10,000-square meter space at IMPACT Exhibition hall.
How to make a cup of coffee from skills, knowledge, experiences, and inspiration.
The sustainable development in the coffee industry
requires both knowledge and cultural exchange from various parties
which will encourage the industry to make more and more creative products.
The talk, knowledge exchange, and experience sharing from coffee producers around the world
will create new wisdom. Come and join us at
Thailand Coffee Fest 2021 on 23-26 December 2021 at IMPACT Exhibition Hall 5-7, Muang Thong Thani.


Resip Cup

Coffee mugs, souvenirs from Thailand Coffee Fest 2020 which made in Japan,
comes with the design from Lolay (Thaweesak Srithongdee),
the famous artist and illustrator in Thailand whom truly in love with coffee.
For those who are waiting must hurry! because the product is limited.

Rebuild T-Shirt

This year, we joined with Moreloop, a Thai startup who pushes the idea
of Circular economy by restoring tatters to get value again.

The fabric that we used was the remaining fabric from the manufacturing process
in large industries. So we can get good quality t-shirts at a reasonable price
and also help to reduce wastes. Combined with graphic patterns on the t-shirts
that tells the story of ‘Coffee Wisdom’ to discover, invent and build coffee
to become famous throughout the world





Thailand Coffee Fest 2020

23-26 December 2021 10.00 AM-08.00 PM

At IMPACT Exhibition Center Hall 5-7, Muang Thong Thani
Organized by SCATH (Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand) and The Cloud (

CALL CENTER Tel. 096-858-1419